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Main Features

  • Saves you money by helping you manage staffing
  • Convenient for your patients because of 24/7 availability
  • Empowers your patients to schedule their own appointments while reducing waiting times when they arrive

Additional Features

  • Your solution for a wide range of scheduling needs:
    • Customized setup 
      • You control the dates & times as well as patient visit time allotment
      • Can be open to the public or restricted to specific groups
      • Integrated into your organization's existing web site without looking like an "outside system"
    • Data Capture (either required or optional)
      • Allows you to easily contact the end user before, during or after their appointment 
      • Consent forms, insurance forms, or virtually any other type of data can be added for users to download.
    • Complies with HIPAA regulations
      • Hosted on secure server
      • Site accessed using a secure connection to web server (ie https/SSL)
  • Your client's solution to efficient appointment setting
    • Schedules can be printed (or exported to Excel) for specific dates & times
    • Allows flexibility for the end user to control scheduling without going back and forth on the phone
    • Creates another method of communication for your clients.
    • Takes 5 minutes or less to use!

ScheduleME is a user-friendly, intuitive, and flexible on-line appointment scheduling software. In addition to always being available for technical support, BDH Technology has eagerly responded to requests for software refinements providing a better fit for the Health Department's specific scheduling and reporting needs. ScheduleME has proven an excellent solution for web-scheduling Chester County Health Department Flu Clinic appointments."

- Andrea P. Cary, Business Unit Analyst, Chester County Health Department

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